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We connect the worlds of marketing and human resources to help business thrive, brands resonate and employees succeed. Employees deliver on your brand promises to your customers. How do employees feel about your brand? Do they experience the brand in reality? Are they empowered to deliver to your customers? Marketing & Human Resources need to connect and align their strategies to drive top-line revenue growth for an organization and create competitive advantage in the marketplace. We make that happen!

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Tuesday Apr 13, 2021

In this episode of Mavens & Misfits, we explore how the current environment of increased need for some talent by an expanded number of businesses means the haystack to find great talent got bigger.  But there are no additional needles.  

Tuesday Mar 02, 2021

Heather Polivka & Chris Gustanski explore what employers can do to fix a broken employer brand

Tuesday Feb 02, 2021

We explore some recommendations for addressing Employer Branding and Corporate Branding in LATAM in this second part of the LATAM Sea of Sameness, overall #5 in the Sea of Sameness series.  

Wednesday Dec 09, 2020

In a new series called "Mavens & Misfits", Chris Gustanski and Heather Polivka explore topics around talent, marketing, and more. This episode is called "Hedge Your Bets" as we explore what companies need to be thinking about to keep their top talent in 2021.  

Tuesday Nov 17, 2020

In this episode, featuring special guest Gabriella Torres, we explore the Sea of Sameness in Employer and Corporate Branding, and how that plays out in Latin America.

Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

We continue our exploration of the Sea of Sameness in both Employer Branding and Corporate Branding, looking at the experience of candidates and employees alike.  

Tuesday May 26, 2020

Episode 1 discussed the "Sea of Sameness" across Employer Brand and Corporate Brand messaging.  Episode 2 explores the implications and potential actions for both large and small companies.  

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Join Heather Polivka and Paul Austernuehle as we discuss our competitive benchmarking of Fortune 500 companies.  We uncover a sea of sameness in employer brand messaging by industry, aligned with a sea of sameness in corporate brand messaging.  

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